BUtterfly Ball

It is recommended when trimming vines after the first cold spell to let them stay loose so the butterflies which are still hatching will not be damaged. I decided to make a vine ball with mine. I use it as a feature in the yard through winter! This has worked wonderfully and guest love that I have the ball…..it travels around the yard as the wind blows, so you never know where it will land. The kids like to hunt for it if they don’t spot the ball when they go outside.Kinda my version of a tumbleweed!
The best part is that I do have butterflies on warm days and I have had more since I made the ball! It was a fun afternoon project and didn’t cost anything but my time.
This is a Passion Vine and is a host plant for the Fritillary Butterfly. The vine stays covered during the summer months and is almost nothing but vine by the end of summer from all the new babies.