For many years I was afraid to plant roses and felt that only experienced gardeners could grow the show stopping beauties,but I took the plunge and bought roses anyway ! I now have many different roses and realize that they all have thorns and do not like to be babied! When it comes trimming time I go after it with gusto and a good thick pair of gloves and am rewarded with beautiful healthy roses the next season! One of my first plants was a miniature Rose…I planted it by the back door …thinking it would be a small bush! Surprise! It grew huge and flowered abundantly, miniature flowers does not always mean miniature bush! So check the tag it may be small when you bring it home but given a year or two it will grow! I have since moved my Miniature to a larger spot where it receives more sun and is really happy and much larger!

The next rose I bought was named Don Juan,much more reserved than the name implies! It is a beautiful climbing rose with a bit of orange and I may get 10 blooms off of it in a season.I have buried banana peels,fish scraps and given liquid fertilizer around the base but nothing seems to help. I have had this rose for five or six years and it is getting better every year…for the first two I thought it would die but it is a fighter i also planted some Blue Mist in front of it and it seems to enjoy the extra butterfly activity!

Roses are a great spot to catch a light spray of water for the Butterflies to have a drink in the heat of the afternoon.