I enjoyed the past few warm days planting bulbs and pansies around the yard. I saw several white butterflies as I was working and this really excited me ….  The end of February and Butterflies don’t normally go together,that is unless the butterflies hatch in a hothouse or conservatory. The Tulips are beginning to barely break the earth so I hope to have them make it to full bloom and be gorgeous! I need to move my daylillies,they love the sun and are currently in shade so I am hoping to have lots of blooms after moving them into the sun. Fall is the perfect time to dig and move these plants so I may have to wait a while longer before tackling that task. The old bulbs, which are comming up are doing well and have healthy green sprouts. Most bulbs return year after year and multiply easily, so expect to have an abundance in only a few years. The green leaves of the bulbs contrast well with the yellow pansies and make for a nice display.The bright color and sweet smell of the pansies will attract and feed the few butterflies that travel through my part of the world during this time of year!Image