Old Wheelbarrow

While visiting the western slope of Colorado before the first blizzard I spotted this great old wheelbarrow leaning up against a cedar tree and would have really enjoyed taking it home with me! I realized that it wasn’t possible,and that it has lived on this property for a very long time,so I settled for a picture! I had fun with the arrangement and really checked out the workmanship of the piece and all the old welds which held it together. I returned the wheelbarrow to its spot, leaning against the tree, and traveled on to my next adventure.
I enjoy being outdoors and when the butterflies aren’t present I entertain myself with whatever creative idea pops up!
The Monarch butterflies from the Western slope of the Rocky mountains and anywhere west of the continental divide in the U.S.A. migrate to southern California. Congregations of overwintering Monarchs are found at more than 200 sites along the California coast, from Mendocino County in the north to San Diego in the south. The Monarchs are present in these areas during the months of October thru February.