The variety of butterflies to my garden has been increasing daily with many more Monarchs making a beautiful show,the Fritillarys are happily playing with each other and dancing in pairs, theSpicebush butterfly seems huge and really stands out among all the smaller species. I have left a few of the weeds to grow as I have noticed that the butterflies are attracted to many of them.I cannot grow the beautiful milkweed plants which the Monarchs like, so I will use the plants that nature grows and it seems to work fine. I have been putting out ripe fruit and watermelon skins and was surprised to grab a handful of fire ants when I checked the feeder yesterday! I sprinkled some diatomecous earth (found in plant stores)around the pole and this helped immensly and kept the ants out of the feeder. I have used this in the past sprinkled around the house to keep bugs from the poarch and patio.